Registering and using HealthBiller for the first time (3 min).
Create your first patient/client record and produce a bill and insurance claim (3 min).
Patient Bill and Insurance Claim
Attach documents from your Dropbox folder to a patient record (2 min).
Apply individual and batch payments to outstanding bills (2 min).
Batch Payments
Appointment scheduling (2 min).
Practice Managemen Multi-Provider Scheduling
Modifying word lists (templates) for encounters and patient histories (3 min).
Recording encounters and patient histories (3 min).
Patient Histories and Encounters
Printing notes and patient histories (2 min).
Patient Histories and Notes
Managing Prior Authorizations (2 min).
Prior Authorization
Practice Dashboard (2 min).
Practice Dashboard
Optional Provider Coding of Encounters (4 min).
Using HealthBiller On a Mobile Device (5 min).
Mobile Practice Management
HealthDatebook: Online Appointment Scheduling (5 min).
Online Patient Scheduling
Direct Primary Care (5 min).
Direct Primary Care

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