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web solution for

Direct Care

Everything you need from a single, integrated system
  • Membership management​
  • Integrated EHR
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Multi-provider scheduling
  • Text appointment reminders
  • Secure messaging
  • Patient portal
  • In-house pharmacy
  • Inventory management
  • Mobile solutions
  • Member billing
  • Employer billing
  • Insurance billing hybrid
starting from only
$ 49 per month

Drag-and-Drop Template and Form Builder

  • Create your own templates

  • Self-scoring forms

  • Superbills

  • Custom patient portal forms

  • Flexible and powerful, yet easy to use

Direct Patient Care Management Made Easy

  • Credit card (PCI compliant)

  • ACH

  • Cash patients

  • Mailed patient statements

  • Direct-Care/Insurance hybrid

  • Charge for non-covered services and track sales tax for taxable products

Online Patient Intake and Self Scheduling

  • Patient demographics

  • Select payment plan for direct care

  • Select insurance

  • Medical and family histories

  • Allergies

  • Medications

  • Problems

In-House Pharmacy and Inventory Management

  • Keep track of inventory, such as medications and products

  • Prescribe and dispense medications from your office

Everything Accessible from One Place

  • Patient information

  • Bills and ledgers

  • Notes, encounters, and histories

  • Family members

  • External documents and images

Secure Messaging

Communicate with patients through HIPAA compliant messaging

Mobile Solutions

  • Native apps for both iOS and Android

  • View and schedule appointments

  • Text patient reminders

  • Write and refill prescriptions


     And more!

Dashboard and Reporting

  • ​Monitor "practice vitals"

  • View aged accounts receivables at a glance

  • Drill-down for production totals by provider

Multi-Provider Scheduling

  • Maintain schedules for all of your staff and resources

  • Patient portal for scheduling open appointment times

  • Wait list management

Insurance Billing

As you transition to direct care, continue billing

insurance electronically or print insurance forms

as a service for your patients (premium option)


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